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The Woman in Black - Susan Hill, John Lawrence A moderately entertaining but rather pedestrian, highly predictable ghost story.

Hill's only an adequate writer and not much of a prose stylist so her tendency to follow her protagonist's movements in excruciating detail and at excessive length is tiring. There's really not enough of a plot here, not enough complexity or emotional depth, to justify this tale's word count. Characters are so flat and so unreal that their every emotion seems melodramatic and engineered in service of the plot, almost the stock actions of marionettes, and the setting feels uncertain in time and generically "spooky" in place. What might have worked nicely as a short story or brief novella ultimately seems over-extended and rather silly in novel form. I'd give this 2 1/2 stars if I could. Overall, this was a disappointment.

(For a really horrifying, genuinely spooky ghost story also set in a small English village, I highly recommend Bernard Taylor's Sweetheart, Sweetheart Much better book. Much better writer.)